Valuable badges

valuable badges

There are a number of clues you can use to successfully date antique and vintage brooches and pins. This usually begins with looking at things like clasps and hinges, since certain types are known to have been used during specific periods in time. In addition to examining the components and findings, you'll want to look at the overall style, examine for signs of repair, and use a jeweler's loupe to locate any identifying marks present as you're dating jewelry. Use the basics below to help you start learning how to identify and date a number of different types of antique and vintage brooch and pin styles.

This is a type of pin used to secure a sash at a lady's hip during the late s when the fad of wearing a sash over the shoulder and across bosom imitating Queen Victoria or around the waist became popular. Most examples have very thick pin stems to allow for penetrating several layers of fabric. Many, but not all, resemble buckles from the front like the example shown here. Common examples are made of brass, enameled or painted base metal, or silver-plated base metal. This type of simple "C" clasp or catch can be found on brooches dating primarily to the s although some carryover designs in the early s incorporate this finding as well.

It was used on everything ranging from small Victorian bar pins to large sash pins see above. The most common early version of the "C" clasp used prior to the s looks more like a curled wire. Pieces incorporating the earlier style also have a tube-shaped hinge for the pin stem, and sometimes the point of the pin stem will extend beyond the edge of the brooch. Some pieces of inexpensive jewelry made during the s and through the decades since then have used a variation of the "C" clasp that is more square looking than rounded.

Be sure to look at the overall style and materials when dating pieces using "C" catches. A collar pin is a metal fastener that connects the two sides of a shirt collar by passing underneath the tie. It can take the form of a large safety pin, or be shaped like a bar, either with clasps on either end or two spheres or cubes on either end, that unscrew and pass-through holes in the collar similar to a bar cufflink.

This type of pin was developed in the early s as a means of holding the ends of the newly fashionable turn-down collar in place and could be simple or adorned with jewels.

They grew increasingly ornamental as opposed to functional as the 20th century wore on. They were primarily used by men, though when first introduced, women used them as well when wearing collared blouses. It was worn similarly to a brooch, but with a clip mechanism instead of a pin stem to attach it to clothing. The underside of the clip usually contains prongs to hold it securely in place.

Dress clips were made of popular materials of the day including Bakelite like the example shown here and pot metal. Larger versions were sold singly.

Smaller examples were often sold in pairs or sometimes as part of a "duette" see below. The more petite clip duos were worn in various ways including at the bottom corners of square necklines.

They can sometimes be confused with shoe clips. The first branded Duettes were designed and manufactured by Coro in in Art Deco styles. These clever mechanisms held two small dress clips in place to make a brooch or could be removed to wear clipped on to a garment either singly or in pairs. Coro also made Duettes with small double-pronged clips especially during the s, but there was some carryover into the s as with the Coro angel birthstone pieces like the one shown here.

Collectors have adopted the generic name "duette" when referencing this type of convertible jewelry. Fur clip is the collector's nickname for what manufacturers referred to as a pin clip when they were newly made. It is a double-pronged mechanism that was widely used in the late s through the s, although there was some lingering use in the s. As with dress clips, the larger versions of pin clips were usually sold singly. Some smaller pairs of pin clips were also marketed, but they are not as common unless found as part of a duette.Phone: I began collecting police badges over 50 years ago when the hobby was in its infancy.

We buy police badges, police badge collections and police memorabilia. We have many police badges for sale to badge collectors, active and retired law enforcement, and for theatrical productions.

Please enjoy our site. Police badges a Whoever 1 knowingly transfers, transports, or receives in interstate of foreign commerce, a counterfeit police badge 2 knowingly transfers, in interstate or foreign commerce, a genuine police badge to an individual, knowing such is not authorized to possess it under the laws of the place in which the badge is the official badge of the Police; 3 knowingly receives a genuine police badge in a transfer prohibited by paragraph 2 ; or 4 being a person not authorized to possess a genuine police badge under the law of the place in which the badge is the official badge of the police, knowingly transports a badge in interstate or foreign commerce, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 6 months or both.

Welcome to our store. We invite you to browse through our store and shop with confidence.

How to Identify and Date Old Brooch Styles

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valuable badges

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Should you purchase police badges or any other item, let it be understood that neither Collectors-Badges. All buyers agree that such item s will be used as a memento; in a collection for exhibit; for decorative purposes or dramatic presentation and not for the purpose of identification of any law enforcement personnel having police powers or authority. You may only enter this site if you agree to these terms and those outlined under the "User Agreement" tab above.

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If you place an order and do not receive it Please take the photograph with as white of a background behind the cruiser as possible. We can now have custom badges produced for your Department. If you are in charge of your departments procurements or you are an active duty police officer and are in need of a badge you may contact us by email or telephone with your requirements.

All badges referencing law enforcement or security agencies, entity name or rank must be accompanied by official authorization in the form of a written and signed authorization on your official letterhead in addition to a copy of your official picture identification card where allowed by law. No order will be processed until we receive proper authorization.

Antique and Vintage Military Badges

We will keep your authorization letter on file so you will not need to send it again. Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the User Agreement. Join our email list:. Site Search. Join us on Facebook. Military and Govt.What makes antique badges collectible and valuable?

As with any collectible there is an appreciation for the craftsmanship, quality, and history that is embedded within an artifact. Badges have a special place not just for the pure history, but also because they represent power, authority, justice, and sacrifice.

The men and women who wore law, fire, and transportation badges all made sacrifices and braved the odds to do their jobs every day. By collecting these artifacts and tracing their history we can remember in some small way how America became a land of law, order, and self-sacrifice. Skip to content. Search for:. What Makes a Badge Collectible and Valuable?

There are several attributes that typically comprise the value of an antique badge: Condition — This is common sense to most collectors, but a badge that is in good condition no scratches, dents, corrosion, or other damage will be worth more than one that is in poor condition. With some exceptionally rare and old badges some condition issues will not greatly devalue it, but generally badges were well taken care of and should be in good to very good condition for collectors.

Note: Once common way to spot fake badges is corrosion, rust, rough texture, or pitting of metal that is either poor quality, or has been manipulated to look older.View Cart. And now you can have three of them! Mix and match! Our Old West replica badges are crafted out of steel and brass. We double-stamp them and then they are silver plated.

Top 12 Craziest Glitches in Apex Legends History

Finally each Old West badge is hand finished for that worn, antique look. Heavy safety pin closure on the back of each badge. Badges arrive in a small gift box complete with story. The blank ribbon can be engraved at your local engraver. Our logo is NOT on the actual badge.

Often incredibly outnumbered - companies of Rangers were victorious against Comanche warriors, Mexican Armies, rustlers, horse thieves, and assorted other bandits -- including Bonnie and Clyde. Brothel Inspector was an official office. This had to be the cushiest job this side of the Mississippi. And now you can have your very own badge! On January 29th, Governor William Sweet gave an executive order to disband the Rangers, leaving Colorado without statewide police protection until McCall was then tried and hung.

Now a days it's heard regularly on TV Dramas and sitcoms, like Friends. Their purpose? To capture or kill the infamous bandito Joaquin Murieta, ringleader of a gang of men believed to be responsible for much of the cattle rustling, robberies, and murders taking place in the Mother Lode region.

That's why this badge reads "Tombstone". Arizona Rangers Badge - The Rangers were a special police force created to assist jurisdictional lawmen at a time when outlaws outnumbered lawmen in the Arizona Territory. In the s the Rangers were combating rampant lawlessness, fighting the raiding Comanche's, struggling against Mexican border disputes and battling the feuding cattlemen and desperados that were terrorizing the State of Texas.

Blank Sheriff Badge - As settlers of the west became the targets of Indians, bandits, and thieves - they needed someone to protect them and their property.

The Sheriffs were the chief keepers of the peace in the western territories and usually fit into one of two categories: the quick or the dead. Lewis S. Owings - with James Henry Tevis as their first Captain. The first Headquarters was in Pinos Altos.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

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valuable badges

Most valuable is probably the third tier Steam Treasure Hunt badge. Most rare is probably the Steam Community Moderator badge. Excluding games of course, because new games with cards come out all the time and it takes a bit for people to start crafting badges.

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