Taurus 809 magazine

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taurus 809 magazine

One Time Offers have limited quantities available and usually once they are sold out, they are not offered again.

Made in USA. Cartridge: 9mm Luger. Capacity: 17 Round. Compatible With: Taurus Notify Me. Add to Wish List. Let us help! Chat Now. This replacement magazine is a factory original from Taurus.

Factory replacement parts are manufactured to the exact same specifications and tolerances and use the same manufacturing materials as the original parts which guarantees excellent fit and reliable operation.

Keeping a few extra factory magazines around is never a bad idea; extra magazines save loading time at the range and also serve as a backup for those days when you simply cannot remember where you put your primary magazine. Was the information on this page helpful? Yes No. Do you accept our terms and conditions?

Need More Information? Update Your Browser Now! Own this product? Product Reviews are not compatible with your browser.Taurus Magazine. The Taurus PT is issued from factory with three grip backstraps overall; two magazines and a magazine loader; a cleaning rod; and two keys for the Taurus Security System.

Item : T; Taurus PT - 9mm. Taurus PT51 Magazine Spring, 6. The Pro Carry HD model is made of premium top grain American leather, bonded polyester mold resistant thread, and a steel metal clip with hidden retention prongs.

Buy at this store. The new pistol is chambered in 9mm and uses 17 round magazines. Here is the Taurus PT which is a budget friendly 9mm handgun. Put your finger on "finger way",and depress the button to release; 7. The pistol is a full sized weapon, holding 17 rounds of 9x19mm ammunition in the magazine and another in the tube. Max capacity. The Taurus C, shown here with an ArmaLaser SR2, is the compact version of the excellent series, providing full-sized pistol firepower in an easy-to-handle concealed carry package.

taurus 809 magazine

Handcrafted with. Add to Cart. This pistol is feature loaded with many qualities that people look for in. This new pistol has all the features you expect to find on what is, in our opinion, the most advanced semi-auto pistol in the world. Taurus PT Slim 9mm semi-auto pistol. The Taurus is a semi-automatic polymer-framed pistol chambered in 9mm. Taurus Electro. Tags: semi-automatic; Sep 20, at Magazine capacities vary between 6, 10, 12, 14, 15 and 17 rounds depending on model and caliber.

It is criticized by non owners and elitists. Mike Papa Kilo. Now comes with both sets of belt loops included! Concealment Loops and the Standard Loops.

India's first ever sex story site exclusively for desi stories. My Taurus PT C came with a sweet SA trigger and a DA pull that felt like a rusty gate with some sand thrown in for good measure, also, the mag release was next to impossible to operate.

I think its a great gun and a great value for the price! Time will tell the true quality of the piece as I put more rounds through it and mix up the types of loads. Taurus Curve.We use cookies on this website, our and third parties, to enhance your user experience.

taurus 809 magazine

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Once this deep renewal is complete, the Taurus company will boost an improved product line and an improved image to face the future.

The renewal will also mean that several long-established product lines will have to go, and be replaced by new and improved products. This includes product lines that proved to be troublesome in the past, as well as some that, on the other hand, built themselves a reputation for hell-bent reliability. The Taurus PT truly stands out for both features and quality on the vast market of budget-priced handguns for target shooting, service, personal defense, and home or property protection.

Four versions of this platform existed overall: the PT; the PT chambered in. The slide of the PT is machined out of carbon steel and available in black Tenifer and stainless variants, and features front and rear slide serrations, a loaded chamber indicator, and genuine dovetailed Novak three-dot sights; tritium night sights are also optionally available. The 4-inch, chrome-lined barrel is also manufactured out of stainless steel; it is a fairly conventional barrel, featuring an outer stainless finish and six right-handed grooves with a 1-in" rifling pitch.

All controls on the Taurus PT semi-automatic pistol are completely ambidextrous: the slide stop release lever and the magazine release button are located on both sides, and so is the double-use safety lever that flips up to engage the manual safety and can be pressed down to decock the gun for Condition 2 carry. Conceived as a reliable defensive firearm, the Taurus PT offers true "Strike Two" capabilities: in the event of a misfire due to a hard or defective primer, the trigger will reset automatically to DAO allowing the shooter to restrike the round simply by pulling the trigger.

The Taurus PT is issued from factory with three grip backstraps overall; two magazines and a magazine loader; a cleaning rod; and two keys for the Taurus Security System. A complete package for a very handy, practical and sturdy pistol, adequate for the needs of most shooters — as a matter of fact, a top choice for those on a budget. With so many shooters out there — mainly older-generation shooters, and particularly in Europe — still harboring mistrust towards striker-fired pistols and towards semi-automatics without a manual safety, the hammer-fired PT with an ambidextrous safety and a decocker will be a great choice to go to enter the world of 21st Century standard defensive and tactical handguns for many.

And it won't break the bank. Taurus International Manufacturing, Inc. Frame-mounted ambidextrous manual safety also dubbing as a decocker. Skip to main content. About us Contact Archive.Many people are looking for quality made handguns with a budget mindset. The Taurus PT has several features that are often not available on other handguns in that price range.

At first glance, the PT is an attractive pistol. It has nice lines and points well. The grip has nice texturing with the choice of three backstraps along with slight finger grooves. A magazine release button is located on both sides of the grip.

The magazine is quality built that holds a full 17 rounds. It has an extended pinky rest baseplate and a yellow follower. The slide has deep cut serrations in both the rear and front. The slide stop is also ambidextrous making this gun left handed friendly.

PT-809 and TH9

It will also lock the slide from charging. The thumb safety also acts as a decocker by pushing downward which will safely drop the hammer. The three dot sight picture works well by using novak sights which are well known in the handgun market. My range time with the PT went fairly well. The PT fed through 50 rounds of Speer Lawman grain 9mm like nothing. Every round fed, fired and ejected just as one would expect.

The trigger action was quick and the single action pull was very nice. I found the double taps and three shot bursts to work really well.

Also, being a heavier handgun, there was little to no felt recoil when shooting. The features available on this gun are impressive. It ships with a hard plastic case which includes three backstraps, and internal trigger lock key, a speed loader, cleaning rod and two 17 round magazines. I like the fact the entire pistol is ambidextrous and overall has a quality feel to it. The price is amazing.

Very seldom will we see a gun that offers so much for such little money. Let me get straight to the point.Taurus Magazine. Add to Compare. The cookie settings on this website are set to 'allow all cookies' to give you the very best experience. The Taurus pistol is a polymer handgun that offers a lot of value for a modest price.

I purchased the Taurus Phone: Taurus Pistol.

Taurus 809 Magazine

Paddle part with more soft silicon material to touch the body; 4. The other safety enhancement which is something I rarely ever pay attention to is the loaded chamber indicator. Taurus Spectrum 7 Round. Check us out at www. Tried both magazines that came with the gun.

Largest selection Taurus Magazines. LJ Magazine. Our IWB holster has a higher cut shield to help protect and cover a larger portion of your firearm. First comes the grip chop. TauruS Poniatowski. TikTok is the destination for short-form mobile videos. This magazine is made to Taurus' specifications and tolerances, using the same manufacturing and materials as the original equipment magazines, ensuring perfect fit and operation. Only used once. Starting September 1,the number will no longer be valid.

Most orders ship free!. We've been your source for parts since The Taurus PT C is a combination of steel, polymer and aluminum. Add to Cart. Aprix Bandit Leader Shoulders.You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Click here for instructions on enabling javascript in your browser.

Taurus PT809 Pistol

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taurus 809 magazine

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