Rottweiler breeders nj

The powerful and loyal Rottweiler is an AKC-recognized working breed first recognized by the club in A hard-working and intelligent dog breed, the Rottweiler is a top-tier police, service, or guard dog.

The Rottweiler also served heavily in WWI as a police and security dog. A normally calm and rather aloof dog breed, the Rottweiler can be as sweet-natured as it is protective.

rottweiler breeders nj

Because of its powerful physical abilities, a Rottie can carry an incredible presence as a watchdog and is as equally alert as any breed. They do not tolerate extreme temperatures very well, especially heat.

And, they definitely will not be a well-balanced or well-behaved dog if left alone for long periods of time. If you live in an apartment, this dog breed is not for you because they prefer lots of space. Although generally friendly, they will be skeptical of large crowds of strangers and noisy environments.

Health concerns for the Rottweiler are very similar to other large or giant dog breeds, starting with joint problems. Hip and Elbow Dysplasia are one of the most common ailments in this breed, as it is with other large breeds. Another illness that seems to strike large and giant breeds of dogs is Osteosarcoma, a form of bone cancer. Some of these health concerns can be allayed by asking the breeder about the genetic history of the parents and seeing certain health checks.

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If you are a first-time dog owner, this dog breed may be a challenge. Although very intelligent, they are a dog that requires the presence of a strong pack Alpha or they will attempt to assume that role. Obedience training is a good idea for owners who are not heavily experienced in training dogs. Smart and willing to please, the Rottweiler is a highly trainable dog breed. Make sure you properly train this dog breed to be comfortable on the leash. Otherwise, the powerful Rottweiler will be walking you!

The Rottweiler has a dense, double coat that is often black with brown on the legs, face, and chest. You should brush your Rottweiler once a week at least to keep their coat healthy and reduce shedding.

The Rottweiler is a working breed, so it will need exercise regularly and plenty of it. An overweight Rottie is more likely to suffer from joint issues later in life than a dog that is well-conditioned at a healthy weight. As a working breed, they are happiest when they have a job.

rottweiler breeders nj

A Rottweiler will usually stand between 23 and 28 inches tall at the shoulder and weight between 75 and pounds. They were also among the first dog breeds used as guide dogs for the blind.

People love certain dogs for a variety of reasons. This is certainly not an exhaustive list, but here are a few of the most popular dog breeds:. Dogs show intelligence in a variety of ways. Regardless of how they show their intelligence, here are some of the smartest dogs breeds:. A protective instinct paired with loyalty, alertness, and more all go into making a dog a good guard dog. Here are 7 dog breeds that are good guard dogs. The Doberman Pinscher is known as one of the most effective guard dogs in the world.

Once bred for the sole purpose of being a watch or protection breed, today's Dobermans are being bred withBrowse thru our ID Verified puppy for sale listings to find your perfect puppy in your area. Come and meet our sweet little Rottweiler puppies.

Our puppies are family raised and get lots of love and attention daily. Mom is a beautiful pound family dog who we had since We are currently taking deposits on our Rottweiler puppies. Huge heads and a tone of bone and substance! Posted Breed: Rottweiler. She will be veterinarian checked and up to date on Shewill be veterinarian checked and up to date on We have six pups available.

Introducing top blood line Rottweiler pups. European blood lines with good blood line, nice head type, large bones and fantastic temperaments. Tito is Sandy is a large female with world class bloodline. If you are unable to find your Rottweiler puppy in our Puppy for Sale or Dog for Sale sections, please consider looking thru thousands of Rottweiler Dogs for Adoption. Also, be sure to check the Rottweiler Dog Breeder listings in our Dog Breeder Directory, which feature upcoming dog litter announcements and current puppies for sale for that dog breeder.

Rottweiler dog kennels Nashville Tennessee - Rottweiler breeders in TN - Rottweiler puppies

Please upgrade your browser. This Featured Listing has the highest priority placement on all search result and high-traffic pages of the site.

This Premium Listing has a high priority placement, appearing above all basic verified and non-verified ads. Showing: 1 - 10 of Litter of 8. Litter of 6. Navigation by countries. Asia Pacific. Recently viewed ads Clear All. Explore PuppyFinder. For Sale.Welcome to the internet home of Von Warterr Rottweilers.

My name is Jerry Scott and I am the proud current owner and operator of the Von Warterr Rottweiler kennel founded many years ago by our dear friends and the original owners, Warren and Terri Johnson.

I am committed to the same fundamental principles and philosophies of breeding, as well as treatment of clients, that were the trademark of the Johnson's ongoing success. I share the same passion as Warren for the preservation of this breed and more importantly for the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Therefore in the summer of when Warren was called to pastor a new church in Texas, it was a win-win situation for us as longtime friends to partner together and combine our years of experience and knowledge in continuing both of our long time dream of breeding the best Rottweilers possible.

This co-ownership and partnership continued until August of when the demands of Warren's ministry responsibilities forced him to have to make the difficult decision to step away as a named owner of the kennel and as an active enthusiast of the breed.

German Rottweiler Puppies | Champion German Rottweiler Breeder

Our friendship remains as strong as ever and Warren still serves as an ongoing advisor in the perpetutity of Von Warterr Rottweilers. Here at Von Warterr Rottweiler kennels we strive to produce the complete Rottweiler. We aim to achieve this ideal through carefully selected line breedings and occasional out crossings when we feel that it will improve the genetics.

We breed exclusively from European bloodlines and primarily from German bloodlines and in that sense we are German Rottweiler breeders. The FCI standard is the recognized standard throughout the world. In fact, the United States is the only major country that does not adhere to the FCI standard in its entirety. When you purchase a dog from Von Warterr Rottweilers for personal protection and home security then you are purchasing peace of mind. The Rottweiler is a working dog!

What makes the dogs we produce perfectly suited for protection and security? We call it "The Four C's". Therefore it is not shy or nervous which would cause it to be a "fear biter".

He will not tuck his tail and run but will engage an attacker and has the drive to remain engaged even through pain in order to protect. This is the most important aspect of a true protection dog. The dog is not full of out of control aggression and therefore a risk to anyone and everyone. He has a proverbial "on" and "off" switch.Our goal is to breed healthy, well-tempered, good looking, correct in type, and intelligent Rottweiler puppies.

Our bloodline lives longer and has less genetic defects. If you study our website, you will find information on ALL of the Rottweilers that we breed. Why Choose Von Evman Rottweilers? No other country in Europe follows strict breeding standard than Germany. Only a handful of breeders and members in the USA have received this prestigious pin.

We have the reputation of breeding Rottweilers that have a long life expectancy. We breed a certain OLD German Rottweiler bloodline which is one of the purest Rottweiler bloodlines with the least genetic defects. This means that if you adopt one of our children, you will expect to have a healthy Rottweiler puppy through his or her life time.

Our Rottweilers excel in all aspects of training and have beauty and brains. Our Rottweiler puppies for sale are from us and co-breeders so the puppies are born in homes and the mothers are spoiled along with the puppies. When you purchase a Rottweiler puppy from Von Evman Rottweilers, be prepared to have a smart, spoiled, and very easy to train puppy. Our Rottweilers each have their own large fenced-in yard and their own house so they can go inside and out as freely as they wish.

The Rottweilers we have in our homes all have doggy doors so they can go in and out of their yards as they wish. We feel this is healthier environment than other Rottweiler breeders may provide where their Rottweilers are kept inside a building locked up in cages where they can barely move. It is imperative for a Rottweiler to be able to go to the bathroom when they need to and to exercise and play freely all day if they wish. Our Rottweiler bloodline and correct care has proven over the years to be more accurate care since our Rottweilers have a longer life span and are healthier than other Rottweiler breeders.

Our Rottweiler puppies and adults spend time in our homes to visit and play during the day and then go back to their own homes to sleep at night. We also have our puppies and adults spend time with us and our employees while working in the front of our property at our plant business learning to be Rottweiler Therapy Dogs and Rottweiler Service Dogs.

Rottweiler breeding is our hobby and we are able to keep the finest quality in our Rottweiler breeding program unlike others that do it for a living forcing them to do unscrupulous things to pay their bills. Our whelping facility for our Rottweiler puppies is a state of the art complex, separated from the other Rottweiler quarters where the mothers can quietly be very comfortable and deliver their puppies safely.

The Rottweiler mothers have an indoor room and outdoor run so they can go in and out as they wish. Our whelping facility is designed to resemble a maternity ward decorated in pink and blue.

A Veterinarian Laboratory is also in the whelping facility to perform tests on a regular basis to ensure the Rottweiler mothers and puppies health. Someone is with the mother and Rottweiler puppies 24 hours a day watching over them during the first few weeks of their lives. Most litters are fully reserved shortly after birth so an early reservation is needed to select the perfect puppy for your home. Complete Puppy Questionnaire.

Breeder of Top Champion German Rottweilers. Top Quality German Rottweiler Breeder. Social Media. Reserve a Puppy Facts to Know! Reserve a Puppy! Complete Puppy Questionnaire 2. Return with binder fee 3. Contact us anytime.

Helpful Links Facts to Know!AKC registered, superior size and quality. Crate trained. Socialized with o. Princess is such a sweet, loving Rottweiler. She does well with people, kids, other pets Full breed comes with everything crate, shampoo, condi. Beautiful mahogany markings. Call Debbie. At xx. Tri color carrier Champion bloodline if you would like to see pVineland apers my family a. Gorgeous mahogany markings.

Male and female puppies that are simply amazing and love to watch.

Rottweiler Puppies for Sale

They have awesome temp. I am selling my dog, I have had him since Aprilhe is 7 months old and very friendl. Our fantastic litter of Rottweiler puppies have been breed from a combination of working.

These handsome Rottweiler puppies are looking for their forever homes! They have been fam. Search Pets. Within 50 miles Within miles Within miles Within miles Within miles Within miles Within miles Within miles Within miles Within miles Within miles Within miles Within miles Within miles Within miles Within miles.

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Puppy for sale! Rottweiler Puppies available stephenrobert46 Our fantastic litter of Rottweiler puppies have been breed from a combination of working. Rottweiler xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx.Our Kennel has won hundreds of awards on multiple continents. Breeding is an art. Part intuition, part analytics, and all passion. The craft of great breeding starts with a vision. A dream dog. Dogs who are versatile and meet the highest standards as working dogs, show dogs, and companions.

Dogs from those lines are bred to be balanced, and they enjoy long, active lives as a result. While breeding is undeniably an art, the process is also highly scientific.

Carrabba Haus is proud to be on the cutting edge. A constantly updated understanding of canine genetics, diet, and pharmacology is applied to better the life of each dog. Carrabba Haus is committed to compact dry lines of the highest quality.

Balanced animals that embody the best elements of the breed, while pushing it to new heights. These uncommonly handsome Rottweilers regularly win or place at prestigious events, including the top four most important shows in the world. Inwe purchased our very first Rottweiler from a well-respected breeder in Pennsylvania. After attending numerous Rottweiler shows and training the dogs, we fell in love with the breed.

Inwe imported our first dog from Germany: Carlos. In that same year, we bought his half sisters Wera and Wendy.

Rottweiler Puppies for Sale in New Jersey, USA, Page 1 (10 per page)

From that point forward, we began building our breeding program to what it is today as the foundation of Carrabba Haus. Over the years and numerous litters later, we have continued traveling around the world to show our award-winning dogs. Today, we have one of the best lines in the world and our dogs live at our 2 farms in Staten Island and Cuyler New York.

No other breeder, in our opinion, comes close. Before actually breeding Rotties we undertook a long period of study to identify and recognize common mistakes other breeders make.

At Carrabba Haus, we are selective with the studs and bitches we choose to breed with. Our mindset is focused on future generations, not just the ones in front of us. Many Rottweiler breeders will claim to have remarkable genes in their dogs and some of them certainly do. We strongly believe in complimentary coupling. For us, genetics is only the first step in creating a great Rottweiler.

Beyond just the genes of a dog is the training that lays the foundation for its discipline. We believe, that the right upbringing is as important as genetics in breeding a great Rottie.

Our methods incorporate the latest science of nutrition, health and character development. We serve a custom-blend food that is perfectly balanced for our dogs. We believe that our advanced diet is a big reason why our dogs are the healthiest and best conditioned Rotties in the world. Compare our Rotties to those of other breeders and it will be obvious that we breed a leaner and more muscular dog.This dog is currently in a foster home.

If you're interested in adopting please email us at our email address for an adoption form. All dogs are UTD on shots…. They have all their puppy Parvo shots and will…. Scarlett is a 12yr young senior.

rottweiler breeders nj

She does well in a home with older dogs and older kids. She is spayed, up to date on her vaccines and preventatives. He had a home, but had to be given up when his owner…. This dog is part of our shelter outreach program where we help dogs from overcrowded shelters in hopes of finding them a home by us.

Luke is from a NJ…. They are sisters that were found as strays and taken to a local shelter. They were separated…. Baby face Rotweiler boy and girl pups. Photos and contact details on Advertigo website. Molly was found in Trenton tied to a pole with bad…. Ads 1 - 8 of 5, Sort Dogs by Breed Rottweiler. Age Adult. View Details.

Gfyt Affectionate Rottweiler Puppies Av. Age Puppy. Color Black.

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