Healer episode 9 eng sub dailymotion

So far the show has done a great job balancing the parts we care about with the necessary evils—you know, the politicians, the media bigwigs, the news-related stuff—and being careful not to lose sight of entertainment in favor of dry exposition. Never take that for granted! Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip.

Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. Jung-hoo gets a groggy start to his morning, settling down with more terrible instant food and leftovers be still, my artery-clogged heart. He casts a suspicious look around before taking a bite, expecting ajumma to cut in—and of course, the instant he does finally take a bite, Min-ja hacks into his system with her trademark cackle.

healer episode 9 eng sub dailymotion

He gives himself three days in which to come up with a lead. Of course, easier said than done, especially when Jung-hoo is given the instruction to write sixty news articles a day. Jung-hoo sidles into the office fiddling with the copier to eavesdrop, while Editor Jang retorts that if anything the story is too weak.

Young-shin gets in a few licks about how Editor Jang should be ashamed of himself before he pulls rank, forcing her to pull back and try another tack. Brimming with indignation, Young-shin warns Jung-hoo to stand aside, then lets out her frustrations on the poor copy machine. The first order of business: They instruct Moon-ho to help a politician campaign for the upcoming mayoral election. Moon-ho mostly keeps his mouth shut, but his eyes turn icy as he listens to them plan.

He shoots his brother a hard look, but Moon-shik just raises a toast. On to the police cyber crimes team, led by the sharp Investigator Yoon. Looking into the recent activity of the dead Go Sung-chul, he comes upon that subway stoppage, which coincides with gaps in CCTV footage—it must have been hacked. Digging through cell phone footage shot by a bystander, Investigator Yoon spots the moment when Go Sung-chul and the Healer jump from the car, with the Double S guards in pursuit.

Hm, interesting. We catch up to messenger Dae-yong at a kind of rave-type martial-arts obstacle course, which gives her a chance to show off some of her high-flying moves. Actress Tae-mi is a taekwondo athlete, so the stunts must be all her.

She directs Dae-yong to start by looking close to Young-shin, which is easy enough since Jung-hoo slipped a tracking bug onto her earlier. Dae-yong finds her having dinner with the Someday News team, well into a bottle of soju and still trying to wear down her boss. She asks Editor Jang about that old newspaper job he got fired from, supposing it was for writing an article he was told not to write, and appealing to his dormant sense of righteousness.

We find Jung-hoo on the bus, looking at his framed photograph of the Five.

healer drama vostfr

His gaze lingers on the man on the far left—his father. Jung-hoo arrives outside an apartment building, and warmly greets a woman he calls Mom. But he seems to harbor no ill will and asks after her family—her son, now a high schooler, and her new husband. Jung-hoo pulls out the old photograph and asks Mom about his father and his friends. Immediately hunching over, he scurries to them and offers to take her home.

Well now, you mean taking her to bed are his explicit orders? Spying Dae-yong keeps at a safe distance, watching as Jung-hoo hails a cab and Young-shin regales strangers with rambling talk about dinosaur brains. She blabbers on about those sad tiny dinosaur brains and has to be dragged up to her room by Yeon-hee.I was most curious to see what the tone would actually be, because there were enough disparate elements in the descriptions to keep me guessing—would it be a multigenerational melodrama?

A conspiracy-driven thriller? A fun action romp? And while we often get dramas throwing at us an excess of genre modifiers that feel too scattered to work well spy-action-medical-political-thriller-romance, for instance, or comedy-paranormal-historical-court-intrigueI actually think Healer lives up to its promo descriptions, and keeps things moving smoothly, while hinting at a lot more depth beneath the surface.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. A large, deserted building. The site looks abandoned, but deep inside the industrial space lies a spiffy hi-tech lair, lined with expensive computers and state-of-the-art gadgets.

Inside it, a young, fit man plays a game of virtual tennis and gets his butt kicked by his computer opponent. Jung-hoo ignores his cell phone, and moments later his tennis game gets hacked and a cartoon squiggle bursts in. She retorts that meeting a contact and taking a package is easy-peasy, and gets him going on the gig. Jung-hoo pauses to look up at the wall-sized screen sporting the image of a beautiful island, his narration telling us that he dreams of buying a deserted island off of Panama.

But for now, work.

The hand-off point is in a subway station, and Jung-hoo keeps a low profile as he scopes out the scene. Deciding this job is too much hassle for the meager payday, he turns to leave, only to have Min-ja remind them that they need the cash and that their market is crowding with competition. Jung-hoo turns back with a sigh. First, they have to figure out who these guys are, and Jung-hoo sidles up to one goon and distracts him with images of bikini-clad women on his phone.

In an apartment building, a young woman gets into the elevator with a deliveryman and comments that the top package is hers. She takes it from the deliveryman—and then darts into a stairwell to don a delivery vest herself, using the package as an excuse to knock on a different apartment.

She makes up a few lies about requiring signatures to deliver mail, and the resident reluctantly opens the door to sign.I found the lighter tone of this episode to be a pleasant surprise, after the darker and more gruesome — but absolutely gripping — first episode.

Seventeen years after the birth of the twins, we open on a field where two men compete in a horserace in front of a cheering crowd. It seems widely known that Jun is the brother to back, as we see most everyone putting their money on him. Just then, we see Jun overtake Ok in the race, to the delight of the crowd. As Jun approaches, they throw buckets of dirt in his face.

Korean Drama

Jun falls off the horse, and to the disappointment of most of the spectators, Ok wins the race. Jun is gracious, telling Ok he will always trail behind him. Ok tells Jun not to feel bad, since a win is just a win. Pleased with his victory, Ok offers to buy a round of drinks. Jun turns it down, saying he has something to do. Dong-rae says at this rate, Jun will never get to his goal of nyang.

All of a sudden, Dong-rae gets up and tries to leave. Jun is immediately suspicious and stops him. Wordlessly, using just his facial expressions and hand gestures, Jun forces Dong-rae to take off his top, revealing a string of coins hidden inside. He asks the group how much money they made off his win, to which the answer is: none.

Surprisingly, Ok takes it in stride, chiding them for not taking advantage of a clear opportunity. He is curious, though, about who actually won the bet. Using a secret code, they gain entrance to the palace and are led to meet with a group of young shamans. The two talk up their product to all in attendance, giving out free samples and offering deals. Instead, Jun takes the opportunity to rally the group together to chant about the power of believing in the medicine.

Trust, in you. Trust, in this. I can do it! You can do it!I feel like a giddy teenage girl watching this show, in all the best ways squee!

Healer / episode 9

Why are there only two episodes a week? Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. Young-shin stands up to the thoroughly repulsive President Hwang, just as Jung-hoo knocks over a beam in the greenhouse that unleashes a chain reaction of chaos. While he whimpers in a show of fear, Young-shin leads him out to safety, where they duck out of sight of pursuing thugs.

She takes control of the situation, assessing the hectic scene outside as Boss Sang-soo and his SS minions try to stop his rampaging car. I love that Sang-soo orders them not to hurt his precious car while trying to keep it from running them over. Priorities, man. Young-shin instructs Jung-hoo to make a break for their car, and he timidly agrees.

healer episode 9 eng sub dailymotion

Those two screech to a halt and Jung-hoo beelines for Detective Yoon, begging him to take them to the police to report the scary gangster men. They disregard the two plainclothes cops until Yo-Yo joins them, and apparently he and Detective Yoon go way back.

His partner feels his pockets and realizes his handcuffs are missing.

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Dae-yong scrambles to get away, but he grabs her firmly and demands to know who she is. She keeps her face hidden while swearing at Jung-hoo for taking so long—which is his cue to come flying at them, taking over in this fight.

Jung-hoo easily gets the upper hand and then handcuffs Sang-soo to his own steering wheel, leaving him doubled over in a comically awkward position while he settles back for a little chat. Sang-soo asks about his relationship to Young-shin, and Jung-hoo says that he was using her as bait to get to Sang-soo. Aha, smart! Sang-soo blusters, You could have just come to the office!

Sang-soo initially refuses, but all it takes is one photo of him cuffed to his car and a threat to post it to his homepage for all his underlings to see, and he gives it up. Meanwhile, Dad and Yeon-hee arrive at the police station, where more SS guards are stationed to await them.Trp operon pdf notes Warhammer 30k art. Catholic school uniforms s.

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Written by Amber Brooke, US. Of all of the "monster of the week" episodes this one remains in the top ten. From the plot, to the characters, to the cinematography, this episode has it all-in one one nice unconvoluted package.

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healer episode 9 eng sub dailymotion

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healer episode 9 eng sub dailymotion

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