Fender mustang amp effects loop

Solid-state : These amps are called solid-state because they use transistors for their preamp and power sections They are very reliable and seldom need repairs. These amps are popular with players looking for a sturdy, reliable touring amp.

Most lower cost practice amps are solid state. Most tube amps have separate channels that can switch from clean to distorted tones instantly. Tube performance can deteriorate over time, so tubes need changing occasionally.

Modeling : Modeling amps use digital processors to simulate the sound of old-fashioned tube technology. Modeling amps are programmable, and often have built-in digital effects such as delay, chorus, etc. Some include digital or analog outputs with speaker simulation for going direct into a recording interface or PA system. Hybrid : Combining the best of each type of amp into one package, these amps use an actual tube in conjunction with the solid state power section of their amps.

Many hybrid amps use a tube in the preamp section and solid state circuitry in the power section to create a tube tone without requiring the use of power tubes. Adding effects loop to Fender Mustang II self. My amp Fender Mustang II v2 doesn't have an effects loop, so the looper pedal would need to go before the amp, thus the looper would only be recording what goes into the amp - so any amp effects would apply to everything.

I figure if I can add an effects loop to the Mustang then I should be able to change it up a bit more still only two channels via the simple footswitch, but that would at least allow me to kick a pre-configured set of effects. I haven't seen anyone actually implement an effects loop for one of these but a few people seem to have asked around the place. So I was wondering if I could insert the effects loop in there. If I insert the effects loop before the multiple feedback filter would I need to put in a similar filter to stop high frequencies going through the loop, or would filtering the output post-effects achieve the same end result?

If the signal was filtered once going into the loop then again after the loop, is that likely to have any noticeable effect? The Mustang IV style stereo effects loop would appear to be simpler to implement by hand, the III is probably cheaper to implement in a factory.

I would likely use this with a stereo looper Boss RC-3 but may put some mono stuff in there at some stage. Is there any disadvantage to having a stereo effects loop? Is there a simpler way I could achieve this other than buying more gear - I am quite happy to spend some time tinkering with the amp? Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

All rights reserved. Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link. Submit a new text post.By CptnMayonaiseJuly 11, in Amps. I plugged the MP-1 into the effects return power amp in and controlled the volume of the amp from the MP Sounded great. If I had a 4x12 to use at the time it would have been even better. A Deville is one of the loudest amps you will come across and going straight into the power amp you are bypassing the part of the amp most people don't like anyway.

By itself its loud, has an excellent clean sound, and takes pedals well. Most people slag the drive channel, but that can be improved immensely with mods down the road if you are interested. As much as I love my El Diablo I miss my Supersonic, and think that I shall purchase one again, some sunny day. Vera, what has become of you? Does anyone else in here Find a used Tonemaster. Two effects loops in those bad boys if I remember correctly.

Loud as fuck too. My VibroKing has an effects loop I feel it's bad juju to use it, borderline criminal because of the tones I get out of it already.

What's nice about this is the way you can dial in just the amount of volume and tone you want to mix in the signal. Going straight into 1 Vibrato out the 2 and into the 1 Normal with your FX in the patch.

All I can say is try it. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible.

Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Any Decent Fenders with an Effects loop? Reply to this topic Start new topic. Recommended Posts. CptnMayonaise 0 Posted July 11, Posted July 11, Link to post Share on other sites.Does your amp lack effects like reverb or any sort of echochorus, flanger, tremolo, or any of those effects that effect the volume of things? So how do you get around that?

Effects loop. It goes in between the pre amp and power amp stages in your guitar amplifier and when you patch in effects there, they work great. Now what all do you need to complete this project?

fender mustang amp effects loop

Some Soldering skills. Also drilling skills and a drill. So if you don't know what kind of crazy talk I'm speaking right now, you probably want to go research that.

Now, what we are going to do is try to find the division between the pre and power amp stages and splice a send wire and a return wire. The first step is going to be to unplug everythingthe cord from the outlet, speaker, ect. Now we need to remove the screws usually on the top of the amp, and around four or so that hold in the amp head unit into the cabinet. Now examine your amps guts, see if you can unplug anything else off of the main amp board thing. Now carefully remove the knobs some amps have knobs that just push on, others have a set screw and their nuts, also the input jack's nut.

Then proceed to remove any other screws holding the board down, mine had two on the little heat sync thing connected to that black thing there. Essentially, just get it out. So be careful!

A Beginner's Guide to Guitar Effects

As you always should anyhow. Now this is the hardest part. This step is the step where we find where the pre amp ends and the power amp begins. I can't really tell you how to do this because it's going to be different for every amp. But I can give you some tips. TIPS: Look for ominous looking chipsthen google their numbers. In my case, I found two ominous looking chips that turned out to be two op amp chips, one smaller than the other smaller one is the pre amp chip!

Master volume knob.Fender Play Play free. Play on. A quick and painless overview of distortion, delay and other popular effects. Learning to play the guitar is a great feeling; absorbing all you can and enjoying every minute. Inevitably, though, you find that something is missing. There are sounds you know you've heard— t hrilling sounds, strange sounds — and you want to know how to make them.

Fortunately, aside from the funny names, almost all effects fit into just a few categories, and making a mistake when exploring effects is nearly impossible.

Here, a painless overview of the first effects you're likely to encounter on your musical journey:. This is the effect every guitarist needs. You can think of what people refer to as "distortion" as not just one effect, but also a group of similar sounding ones.

Simulates the effect of overloading a vacuum tube amplifier. This type of distortion when found in an effect pedal is usually pretty light compared to what we normally think of as a distortion sound.

These effects can be used before any amp, but are often used before tube amps to be able to boost the amp into further overdrive, making the effect even heavier. This is the big, hairy, Jimi Hendrix and early Led Zeppelin sound. Fuzz effects never really went out of style, but are enjoying an especially strong resurgence in recent years.

Distortion effects are designed to do one thing: Create massive amounts of gain for a more extreme effect than overdrive or fuzz. This is much more jagged and rough sounding than fuzz, but also tighter. A nice addition to all this is that the extreme gain allows for even greater sustain. Usually these effects will also have some tone shaping in the circuit to give the distortion a unique character. Delay is a well-loved effect that makes a copy of your signal and plays it back at a later time.

This adds space and depth to your guitar sound. Yelling into the Grand Canyon and hearing it back a second or so later is a long delay. It helps us emulate physical dimension. An effect no guitarist should be without. Like delay, reverb helps us emulate space and size. Instead of clear repeats of our signal though, we hear a longer wash of the sound.

Ever clapped your hands or slammed a car door in a concrete parking garage just to hear the big long decay?Fender has set out to raise its digital modelling game with this watt evolution of the Mustang amp line — but does it have the tone to match its impressive line-up of emulations? Fender has been making its Mustang range of digital amps for 10 years now. Mind you, who needs footswitches?

The free Fender Tone app lets you connect an iOS or Android device to the amp over Bluetooth for preset-hopping and more in-depth editing of sounds. Push-button navigation is a faff — and with the amp sitting on an angled stand, peering over to look at the recessed panel can be an awkward stretch. Anyway, what are those features?

There are effects loop and XLR line-out sockets on the back, which can be used in mono or stereo, plus a microUSB output for direct recording. The amp is made in China and is light enough to be a practical option for the scrawniest teenager. And of course, with direct updates via wifi there could be more than that available by the time you read this. That custom Celestion driver has almost certainly been voiced with Fender tones as a priority, but even so, there are plenty of MarshallOrangeHiwatt and even Friedman emulations for fans of British rock tones to scroll through.

They all sound properly meaty, with or without added drive from the classy and comprehensive pedal section. And what about the Vox AC30, whose chiming voice always seems to be such a challenge to replicate? The footswitch is a decent bit of kit, though. You can use it to jump between presets in banks of five, turn individual effects on and off, or control the looper.

Holding down its mode switch engages the tuner, which is basic but user-friendly. Finally, a word on the headphone and line outputs, which are excellent — in some cases more convincing than the speaker — making this amp just as well suited to late-night shredding and DI recording as it is to the temporarily lost art of playing live. It seems odd to say this about something capable of blasting out watts, but the Mustang GTX really is a fine little bedroom amp. Sign in. Log into your account.

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NEW Fender Mustang GTX - An All-In-One Modelling Guitar Amp To Challenge Them All!

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Review: Fender Mustang GTX100

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fender mustang amp effects loop

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fender mustang amp effects loop

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fender mustang amp effects loop

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Add an Effects Loop to Your Amp.

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