Artemis sr900s review

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artemis sr900s review

Condition New. Classic long rifle from SPA manufacturer. This model is designed for shooters who prefer classic target shooting with high accuracy. M16 is suitable for entertaining and target shooting. Add to cart.

NEW Product ALERT!!! Artemis SR900S!

This product is not sold individually. You must select at least 1 quantity for this product. The rifle comes in beech wood stock that fits to your hand and is suitable for both right-handed and for left-handed shooters. Unfortunately the reloading can not be switched on other side. Stock is topped with a rubber dot that fits on the shoulder. The product is also suitable for junior shooters who appreciate a little bit shorter stock, so they do not have to reach for the trigger so long.

Trigger guard is made of metal. Manual safety is located directly on trigger. The air cylinder is filled via QuickFill adapter.

Filling hole is located under the cap, which is used same as Kalibrgun rifle. The gauge is located at the end of the air tank. It use BAR units. Maximal working pressure is bar. The barrel M16 is sheath with integrated silencer for quiter shooting. If you want to get even greater effect of silence, producer put there one more external silencer, which can be screw on the thread in the end of barrel. The main concept of the body is very similar to Daystate air rifles.

Reloading is via side lever and it is pretty comfortable. Magazine of M16 is designed for eleven pellet. Rifle comes without classic sights but you can fit a riflescope on 11mm dovetail.

The rifle is equipped with a pressure regulator.High mounts are essential. The medium mounts I initially fitted are too low for me to see through the 'scope comfortably. Artemis was the ancient Greek goddess of hunting and the hunt. The Romans knew her as Diana, and I am sure many long-term airgunners are also familiar with the Diana trademark.

However, Artemis is also a brand name for shotguns and airguns that is relatively new to the UK, and this month, I've kindly been loaned a unique-looking sidelever by Protek Supplies for a review.

The overall looks of the Artemis SRS are very tactical in nature, which in simple terms means the rifle looks semi-military, a look I tend to like because it suggests ruggedness, strength and the rifle won't look abused or tatty if it gets scratched in the field. This is a high-power, spring-piston airgun that is also a repeater, thanks to its shot. Now, this is something more usually associated with pre-charged pneumatics, so a multi-shot spring rifle that provides around 10 ft.

A single-shot adaptor is also included for situations where magazines are not required, such as an HFT event. Both the adaptor and magazines are kept in place by means of a magnet. A sidelever is used to cock the mainspring, and when I first handled the Artemis I noticed the lever was set further back in the stock than on conventional sidelevers such as the Webley Tracker. This feature makes the stock look and feel like a bullpup, but thanks to the long barrel, overall length is no shorter than a conventional air rifle.

The rifle comes with a screw-in silencer, but no open sights, making it a 'scope only option, much to my frustration because I tend to use opens rather than optics for the majority of my shooting. Nevertheless, I dusted off an old telescopic sight left over from my HFT days from more than a decade ago, and went to the range to see how this rifle performs.

Loading up the magazine can be a little complex if you don't know how, and the instructions accompanying the rifle were unclear on this process. I've therefore detailed the procedure in the accompanying photos. The stock is adjustable for length, which is a very useful feature, and the padded cheek piece is ambidextrous in nature. I wondered whether the sidelever's presence would be uncomfortable for left-handed shooters because it rests close to the face when in the aiming position.

However, clubmates who tried the rifle from their left shoulders found it comfortable in use, confirming its semi-ambidextrous nature. Less comfortable were the medium mounts on the telescopic sight that I initially tried to use. There is a useful arrestor head behind the right rails right-hand rails?

Sight rails? Or is this airgun speak? I was pleasantly surprised with the trigger, probably because I am used to older rifles and perhaps am not used to the excellent triggers that many of today's airgunners take for granted.

The trigger broke at just over 2lbs and felt very crisp with no creep experienced. Having such an excellent trigger on this rifle certainly provides each shot with an excellent start to its journey towards the target. For the majority of my testing, I shot from the standing position and kept ranges to a maximum of 30 yards.

I am comfortable with the standing position and again, contrary to many others, am less comfortable with a semi-supported position, especially when testing a spring-powered rifle. Using the free-standing position, I was able to connect with 40mm kill zones on a variety of targets placed between 10 and 30 yards away on each occasion I played my part.

I called most of my missed shots because I knew when I held on too long before releasing the trigger or jerked it before I could obtain a comfortable sight picture.Ordinary Spring. Manual Safety. Over times. Side-level cocking spring air gun. With magazine. Two-stage trigger adjustable. Removable silencer. Stock adjustable for length. Your Cart.

SMK / Artemis SR900S single \u0026 multishot

Based on 0 reviews. Add to Wish List Compare this Product. More from this brand Quickview. Artemis Airgun SR w. Artemis Airgun SRS. Artemis Airgun GS Your Name. Rating Bad Good. The Lowest price of Airgun in PakistanGet the latest price for AirgunsAir Gunsair riflesspa airgunsartemis airgunsspringer airguns. Diana Airgun Mod Classic. The hobby and recreational air rifle Diana Classic is suitable for shooters of all ages thanks to its compact dimensions. Gamo Airgun Shadow Gamo Airgun Whisper Fusion Mach 1.

Gamo Whisper Fusion Mach 1. It offers everything you co. SPA Airgun B Available in. Precision rifled steel barrel. SPA Airgun B5.


Micro adjustable rea.There are lots of discussions about airguns, airgun accessories, reviews, modification and repair information, airgun events, field target and free classifieds!

You just need to fit a scope,moderator and away you go. Enter your email address to receive special offers and promotions.

The Canadian Airgun Forums are a place for people to discuss and learn about airguns and the airgunning sport in Canada. Gun Includes a single shot tray and 3 magazines. Buy from The Countryman online or instore. Add to Wishlist. This company combines best designs with most reasonable prices. The barrel is extra long at 22 inches, it probably isn't choked, haven't checked yet but I would lop 10 inches off, you don't need it for leverage. It is side level cocking air gun with 03 magazine.

Or to give a little insight to those who've never seen on heard of the M About us. It is 2 stage adjustable trigger with the caliber of 4. Full power sidelever action. New, Artemis SRS, multi shot, auto indexing side lever action, spring powered air rifle. Artemis High Power Airgun Mod. Rifle is a long firearm belonging to handguns. Scope and bipod not included. Try the windshield sun shade: camera overheats faster and shuts down. Trigger with 2 adjustable stages.

This full powered springer has a retractible stock and multi-shot magazine system with 3 magazines included as standard.This full sized, multi or single shot, PCP rifle has a sleek wood stock with cheek piece and rubber recoil pad.

This multi-shot rifle has a superb wood crafted short bull pup stock, which has a comfortable thumbhole for ease of handing with a sleek finish. Simple structure, east handling and good stability. There is no front sight but does include a silencing effect in the front end. Ideal with any scope. This multi-shot spring rifle has a superb synthetic adjustable stock, which has a sleek design cheek piece for ease of handing includes a 11mm doverail for a scope, manual safety and a two stage trigger.

This full sized, high power, multi or single shot, PCP rifle has a sleek wood stock with cheek piece and rubber recoil pad. There is an attachable bottle, ideal for target and vermin with the multi shot option for quick fire action. There is a detachable bottle, ideal for target and vermin with the multi shot option for quick fire action.

Ideal for target and vermin with the multi shot option for quick fire action. Airgun World Magazine Article This multi-shot rifle has a superb wood crafted short bull pup stock, which has a comfortable thumbhole for ease of handing with a sleek finish.

Single or multi shot Air capacity: CC Max fill pressure: bar. Model details SNM There is a removable sound moderator but no sights. Regulator and sound moderator are included Air capacity: CC Max fill pressure: bar. Model details SNM16A.Sports Marketing has been synonymous for providing the British air gunner with value for money and market-entry point air weapons, not only for the beginner, but also for seasoned vermin shooters.

It is available in both. Sporting a conventional layout, with a barrel over air cylinder layout, the barrel is attached at the receiver end and also via a supporting bridge five-inches from the receiver. This also houses the rear sight that is adjustable but has to be removed to fit a scope however.

The moderator is five-inches long and one-inch in diameter and works well. The finish of both action and barrel are blacked and the action has dovetails cut to fit standard 11 mm scope mounts. The bolt operation is via a polished bolt that has a small recess to lock down into, and then when raised, travels just 1. This all travels in a small receiver of only 4. There is a quick fill design with probe supplied and filling is via a conventional straight through access hole in the cylinder tip.

The trigger is a single adjustable unit that can have the sear engagement and let off adjusted from 0. Still a decent trigger though, with a slim smooth bright polished trigger blade.

Artemis SR900S: Testing an unusual autoloader

The safety is a simple cross bolt design, which I like, as nothing to go wrong and operates left to right for SAFE to block the trigger travel. You have two options with the W with regard shot capacity.

As supplied, you have a magnetic single shot shelf fitted that allows an easy access for pellet placement for the bolt probe to take up. Just push from the right-hand side and this tray pops out. Now you can slide in left to right the supplied seven shot.

I was more than happy single loading the SMK but the magazine makes for a handy vermin option, especially for barn use on rats or ferals. What appears to be a very simple plain stock actually turns out to be a very pleasant handling one, albeit with very thin contours. The beech is quite light in colour and very plain but this is fine for a rifle that is going to be used and knocked about and not a wall hanger. Its overall design is pure sporter, with a nice cheekpiece to the right hand side with more than enough height for proper scope to eye alignment.

The length of pull is actually generous at The pistol grip is long, raked and swept back, which I like, as it makes it more open, and although slim in the hand, is comfortable to hold. The forend is also very slim at only 1. Although is feels slim, it makes no difference to a good hold and accuracy was not affected. Both the pistol grip and forend have chequering but this is a very shallow diamond cut pattern that is more decorative than supportive.

Nice and lightweight and points very nicely and the muzzle report was subdued well. This gave an initial velocity of These rose up to I then shot a selection of differing pellets and styles over the chronograph, of which the FTT Green achieved the highest velocity, not surprisingly being lead free and lightweight Tin.

artemis sr900s review

These produced a high fps but for only 9. The RWS Hobbies were accurate but velocity was at fps and 9.

artemis sr900s review

Accuracy was very good, all the pellets shot well.Remember Me? Advanced Search. Forum General General Airgun. Quirky Artemis SRS. Results 1 to 7 of 7. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Snowpeak seem to bring out new designs on a regular basis. This side-lever spring rifle is the first SRS I have handled. The barrel is extra long at 22 inches, it probably isn't choked, haven't checked yet but I would lop 10 inches off, you don't need it for leverage.

With the long barrel it is very quiet, but you can remove the brass thread cover and fit silencer supplied in kit. Chrony says Join Date Aug Location okehampton Posts 1, Hi how accurate is this gun as some have said that the mag doesnt allow for good feeding and shots go awry Is this the case as I'm interested in getting one, but if the gun couldn't hit pennies regular at 30 yards of a bench its not going to be for me.

It looks a good rugged design, but couldn't find any fettling of the gun on the web unfortunately as Chinese guns tend to come over greased but power seems good. Any thoughts or quick review would be very much appreciated. Thanks PMCapitalBee appreciated I'll see if i can find it as i would expect it needs a little fettling for consistency.

Any thoughts anyone on the mag and accuracy also Google here i come. John Milewski did a short test report. Ive been quite interested in this gun too. I totally agree it Looks like it could be a prime candidate for a shorter barrel and maybe some wood.

Looking forward to seeing more on it but somehow i feel like there wont be much uptake could go either way I guess. Well i eventually picked one up, it is a good rifle to hold in the hand. I didnt put a silencer in it, I used a metal shroud and end air disperser with a foam "silencer" and it feels much shorter and compact like a bullpup now. The set up is pretty quiet and the mag is similar to the rapid types with the 1st pellet going in from the mag front though and just winds back and put pellets in as usual.

The mag holders on mine weren't up to much as the mags kept falling out. So i bought a. Now the mags are very solid in the holders and work as they should.

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